Kare Anderson

Love your new book – a keeper and so timely. www.movingfrommetowe.com … [Read more...]

Scott Marker

Paul D’ Souza’s book “The Market Has Changed – Have you?” is a must read for anyone wanting to improve sales in this down economy! Many of his ideas ring so true in today’s crazy business environment. 20-year Sales Veteran www.mixedsellingarts.com … [Read more...]

David Parks

Paul D’Souza’s 25 Tips will save you from spinning your wheels in sales and help you achieve the traction to power out of this recession through effective self management and sales. Paul helps you ‘slow down to speed up’ so you can tap into your individual creative genius and drive forward to a better future.” Vice President, Blue Point Leadership www. bluepointleadership.com … [Read more...]

Chip Conley

I admire Paul’s commitment to work with the fundamental idea that it is people that make things happen in business. I love his suggesting that to do more in the realm of sales and revenue generation, one has to be a better person, a better business person, a professional. Author of the book PEAK & CEO of JDV Hospitality www.chipconley.com … [Read more...]

Tom Carleton | Campaign Manager

I have been to many sales seminars. Many of the techniques are the same. Paul incorporates your whole life into the sales cycle. Aligning being aware of who you, who you want to be and how you want to get there are critical pieces to being successful in life and business. Paul’s initiation of self awareness is something many people miss in their life. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society … [Read more...]

Pamla Winther

Paul got our message through in a way that gave us confidence we were well served to move powerfully forward in the market with our ‘gold’ -  the undisputed HOPS® Methodology. Gaining this perspective allowed us to shift focus where it belonged:  to build our Consulting team and bring value to many teams who needed what HOPS® Methodology enabled, long before Software was a part of the … [Read more...]

Gerhard Gschwandtner

“A tough economy brings out tough behaviors in customers. Salespeople need to adapt their selling styles to the new way of buying. Paul offers concrete steps that can help salespeople adapt their approach to the way customers buy while dealing with the tougher customer whose behavior has been hardened by the recession economy. Critical learning for sales professionals committed to … [Read more...]

Lisa Haneberg

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But how? When? Why? And which precious few actions and habits can help you thrive through tough times to build your business? Paul D’Souza answers all these questions. Apply his teachings and never languish again. Vice President, MPI Consulting & Author of 10 Business Books. www.lisahaneberg.com … [Read more...]