Paul D’Souza is available to speak on wide range of topics, including ….

  1. The Market has changed … Have you?
    Conversations on how changes in the economy impact out space of possibility and what you can do about it.
  2. Sales 1-0-What?
    Its time to go back to a new set of basics. Salesmanship is now very technology centric, yet all deals happen between people. You need a new process.
  3. Life is a Sales Call
    Everyone is always selling, very often it not so simple as getting little Tommy to eat his vegetables.
  4. Purpose
    The prelude to a profitable quarter. At its core sales is a conversation of the Heart … yours.
  5. Power to Prosperity
    Conversations on why we need to up our game of life. Powerful people have good lives and make powerful companies possible.

Paul’s sales career extends from door to door sales and selling used cars to selling multi-million dollar Information Technology sales to working with franchise and other small business owners. Additionally, he has worked with manufacturers of scientific instruments and importers of granite stone products; helping them increase revenue and profits. He brings this rich background of experience and his 20 years of studying human awareness to make his talks lively and engaging.


“Our Compliments to Paul D’Souza for a valuable contribution to the new movement toward professionalizing Sales. His advice is sound, and not surprisingly is equally appropriate for all professionals…not just Sales!”

Howard Stevens
CEO of HR Chally and
President of the University Sales Education Foundation (USEF)

Paul is an amazing person with a gift for connecting deeply with individuals and groups. There are many consultants out there (myself included) who can address the structural and cultural aspects of the business. But very few can truly address the flow of energy within an organization. Paul is a master at bringing out the best in your sales and business teams. Let Paul be your Zen master and you will tap into the deepest recesses of possibility.

Stephen Shapiro,

Author 24/7 Innovation

Clip From An Earlier Talk

Feed Back

  • This was (maybe) considered risky – not “standard speech” but WOW!
  • Excellent & Timely.
  • Paul gave us good information to make changes in life.
  • Good Talk, very informative he got me fired up.

Talk at The Circuit, in Cincinnati in Oct. 2009

The Circuit talk


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