Power To Prosperity
Spiritual Life Coaching Program

This is an ongoing spiritual based Life Coaching program that is designed to help successful people be even more successful; by helping you live a prosperous life in the areas of

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Personal Relationships.

This program addresses your personal needs in these 3 domains of your life.  We leverage the principles of the Wha-Dho Philosophy and help you recreate your life in ways that help you fulfill on your life’s dreams and goals.

This program is designed for people that are ready to make “Significant Changes” in any or all domains of their life.  If things are not where you wanted them to be and you are committed to recreating yourself, give yourself the opportunity to take your life to the next level. The Wha-Dho philosophy and the programs we offer work, but only if you do the work.  This is an opportunity for you to never be alone again.  You will have someone to coach you and guide you through the challenges you face.  In essence you will have your own trusted Mastermind to help you take both your business and your personal life to the next level. Join us and engage in a structured program that produces sustainable results.

Let’s have a conversation and see if this program is right for you.  Perfect for Business Owners, Executives and Career minded professionals who want to live powerfully in all aspects of life.

Please call and leave a message at 513-239-7475



Paul– what a difference you have made.  Ever since I have been on the calls with you, my attitude has got better and focus has increase.  I am the only Sales Executive in the company that has been able to accelerate my deals, helping bring in $800,000 in the last 4 months.

David — Cincinnati, sells large million dollar business deals.


Your “ Stop Selling, Start Supplying Solutions” = $111,300 in business that I alone have brought into the place I work for this Year to Date. Thank You!

Rafael  — Santa Cruz, CA, sells prescription eye glasses.


We were down 30% in revenue in 2011, from the 2 years prior.  But with your help we are now on track to grow 40% thank you!

Marcia — Cincinnati, OH


Paul brought great vision and strategy to our business with results we have never seen before. We saw an immediate growth in sales ($1,200,000 in one year) but more importantly, we improved areas that we were historically bad at. He was able to learn the ropes very quickly and put in place a successful strategy in a very short time.

Jared — San Mateo, CA large format printing company



The 90-Day Basic Course

This program is designed to help you access your first level of inner strength and power, so you may begin to “Design” a life that is Authentic and filled with Self Integrity. In a short period of time (90 Days) we will put you through a systematic process of self discover and healing using the 4 Steps to Personal Transformation from the Wha-Dho Philosophy. They are … READ MORE HERE


The Advanced Course

When going through this program you will begin to leverage what you have learned about your inner self and begin to manifest an authentic life in the outer world; so that you can spend the rest of your life in Harmony with God, Nature and the Society you chose to live in.

First you will specify the Purpose for which you choose to exist. What do you really … really! want to do? With this end goal in mind, we will teach you how to assess how much Money or Prosperity you need to accomplish these goals. Then we will help you work through the Process you need to generate the money needed to fulfill on this purpose. Then we will help you enroll the People in your life that are needed to execute on the process needed to generated the money you require to fulfill on your purpose and finally we will help you empower these people that you chose to work with, with Practical Leadership; so they may support you in powerful ways, allowing you to accomplish your goals and live a life of Harmony. You will learn to do the following … READE MORE HERE