The Wha-Dho Institute offers people multiple programs to address the needs of the individual.  Everybody starts with the 90 Day Personal Development program and then has options to focus on further personal development, business development as well as the Certified Healer (will be offered in Q2 of 2013) and or Certified Wha-Dho Instructor programs.

The 90-Day Personal Development Program

This program is designed to help you access your first level of inner strength and power, so you may begin to “Design” a life  that is Authentic and filled with Self Integrity.  In a short period of time (90 Days) we will put you through a systematic process of self discover and healing using the 4 Steps to Personal Transformation from the Wha-Dho Philosophy.  More here …


6 Month Advanced Course

When going through this program you will begin to leverage what you have learned about your inner self and begin to manifest an authentic life in the outer world; so that you can spend the rest of your life in Harmony with God, Nature and the Society you chose to live in.

First you will specify the Purpose for which you choose to exist. What do you really want to do with your life.  More here …


Annual Retreats — Access Your Full Circle of Power

Have you Accessed your Full Circle of Power? This is exactly what we will be helping you do. This event is designed to help you tap in and find your power, your truth, your authenticity and your genius.

At this retreat we will help you redesign your life, around the very essence of who you really are and who you want to be.  More here …


Spiritual Healing Circles

Spiritual Healing Circles are approximately 1 hour in duration,  people meet in a group to experience Energy Healing.  These events are very transformative and are a good place to experience Spiritual energies and self healing.  As Christ said, when two or more are gathered in my name, I will be there among them. The magic of the collective is accessed during this event.  More here …


Certified Wha-Dho Instructor

This program is designed to help you manifest an authentic life, where you will know without a shadow of a doubt why you exist on this planet and what you want to accomplish in this lifetime. You will have the added value of being an Instructor that could work with clients through the Wha-Dho Institute and the D’Souza Group, helping individuals and business owners … More here …


For further information on any of these events, please contact;

Shino D’Souza for work in Japan —
Paul D’Souza for work in the US and any other country —