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This book was picked as one of the Top 10 Must Read Books for 2010, by the Selling Power Magazine.

The market has changed—have you? Is the leading question I ask; because over the past few years, our markets have experienced rapid transformation; yet our need to make a sale and generate profit remains the same. Life goes on.

I wrote this book for…
• Sales professionals with less than 10 years’ experience.
• Sales leaders—you can use this book as a training tool.
• Real estate and insurance agents.
• Small-business owners.
• Forced entrepreneurs.
• Physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and therapists.
• Restaurateurs, event planners, and caterers.
• Retailers of every kind.
• Investment bankers and relationship managers.
• Multilevel marketing professionals.

I put you at the heart of the sales life cycle—you, the salesperson that serves as the foundation of all business growth and activity. In this book, I give you a strategy that works and 25 Steps you can use to increase your productivity in this tough marketplace.


Review by Gerhard Gschwandtner ,
CEO of Selling Power Magazine

When I first met Paul two years ago, I found his ideas crystallizing, his personal power mesmerizing and his commitment to help people awe inspiring. Paul asked, “How fast can you change?” When I asked “why” he explained, “speed is our friend, and delay is the enemy.” In his new book, Paul has skillfully woven the powers of philosophy, human psychology and professional selling around the spindle of change.

What managers often overlook is the fact that all business progress demands that we change how we think, how we approach customers, how we sell and how we define and create customer value. Paul, who has the mental flexibility of an acrobat explained that when it comes to buying the latest and greatest technology, we act like children. We are always eager to explore the latest and greatest. Without hesitation we discard obsolete products and celebrate another leap forward. The point is that we all love to buy external change, but we all resist internal change. We all know that many people resist rapid change to the extent that they become unproductive, unhappy and often unemployed. Paul reminds us that we are all in the driver’s seat, we can make a conscious decision to allow ourselves to win through change. The sole purpose of Paul’s book is to learn how to drive change; to be the master, not the slave of change. When we empower ourselves to change, we’ll liberate ourselves from the ever-present threat of obsolescence.

What do I think? Paul is an enlightening teacher, a personal guru with a highly intuitive mind. The book accurately reflects how he thinks. His thinking style isn’t vertical or horizontal; it’s diagonal, contrarian, yet highly practical.

The downside: This book is a waste of time for the few people who are incapable of looking within. It’s a rich goldmine for people who want to change and deploy their true potential.

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