Access Your Full Circle of Power 

September 9th – 13th 2015,

Candy Kitchen, NM
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, Retreat Center


Is now the time to take your life to the next level?

If you are ready to work on yourself and alter the course of your life; this event is for you.
Wha-Dho is practical philosophy that helps you access your inner wisdom and the power of the Great Spirit, so you can live a life of prosperity in the areas of … Health, Wealth and Personal Relationships.

The benefits people experience have been consistently amazing. Give yourself the opportunity to live the life of your dreams. When you join the Wha-Dho Family, you will never be alone again.

Join us if you want to …
– Increase your connection with spirit and find meaning in your life
– Make more money NOW … like in the next 90 Days.
– Heal your body from chronic pain and disease.
– Eliminate stress in your life.
– Take your life and your career to the next level.
– Find your spiritual life partner.
Topics Covered …
– Mediation 
– Linguistics
– Energy work & qi-gong
– Practical psychology
– Designing your life purpose
– Healing past wounds
– Understanding relationships 
– Communication skills
– Connecting deeper with our earth spirits
– Connecting deeper with nature and animals

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Registration Fee – $1,500
(Includes pre-work and 90 Day Coaching after the Retreat)
Food and Accommodations bill separately

Scholarships available Students of the Power To Prosperity program attend the retreat for free.

Photos from a past Workshop



Testimonials …

Wha-Dho is life changing, it’s not the road less traveled, its your true north, you did not even know existed.  Wha-Dho helps you follow your compass, to your path of discovery.
Jay Bopp, Springfield, IL


After you have the Wha-Dho Experience, your life will never be the same.  Everything changes, I found my dream job and feel like I am on my path to living my authentic, true life.
Mutsuyo-san, Tokyo, Japan

I had never felt so much energy and power come out of one person.  Paul D’Souza showed me how to connect with people and LISTEN in a deep way.  I have used this one technique to connect deeper with my clients and the people I care about at home.  Wha-Dho is truly a conversation of power.
Margaret, Indianapolis, IN

Wha-Dho gives you an opportunity to talk about what really matters in our ever-increasingly hectic lives, this program is an invaluable experience that will get you back focusing on the right things that will make you successful.
Tom, Bend, OR

Wha-Dho has taken me back to my core. Introducing myself to my inner voice, found in those moments of silence, and taught me how to act upon those conversations.
Cristina, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Paul demonstrates that he is THE expert in combining the philosophy of mind, body, and spirit with the superior knowledge and action of a powerful business strategy.
Michael, Denver, CO

The Wha-Dho philosophy helped us turn our company around and grow revenue 300% in 18 months.
Mahaveer, Fremont, CA

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