Paul D’Souza

Paul D’Souza is a Spiritual Healer, a Business Consultant and a Life Coach that helps people heal their pain and access their joy. He helps people in the areas of …

  1. Health – physical, emotional and spiritual
  2. Wealth – career, business and retirement
  3. Personal Relationships – marriage, family and professional

Paul believes that inspired people live inspiring lives.  Everything he does supports this single idea.  Paul has been on a personal journey, studying human awareness for over 25 years and along the way; developed a body of knowledge that helps people live inspired lives.

To be inspired one needs to live “in-spirit” which is why he developed the Way of Harmony (Wha-Dho in Japanese) a Practical Philosophy which helps people integrate Mind, Body, Spirit WITH the world around them.

Paul began is studies of human awareness in 1990 and put this body of knowledge together, initially calling it Conversations in Harmony and then The Way of Harmony. Wha-Dho is anchored in practical spirituality, energy work, linguistics, practical psychology and economics. Paul helps people by doing individual counseling, long distance healing, one on one healing sessions, as well as workshops and retreats.

He has worked all over the US, from New Jersey, to NYC, to Connecticut, Boston, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Elberton and Athens GA, to Santa Cruz, San Jose, and San Francisco CA to Dallas TX, Seattle and Neah Bay, WA as well as Chicago, Indianapolis and New Mexico.  Paul has also done several events in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Luxembourg, India, and Japan.

On a personal note — Paul is married to Shino DSouza, lives in Ramah, NM on a magical ranch filled with transformational energy between the Navajo Reservation and Zuni Land.  Paul was directed to this sacred land over a series of dreams in 2005. The energies here are tremendous and Paul has conducted his Annual Retreats her for the last 10 years.  Visit him and feel the power of this Enchanted Land.   He loves horse and works with them to help people heal their psychological and emotional wounding. Paul is also an avid polo player and is a member of the USPA.  Paul loves to cook and has been a student of martial arts as way of life, for over 35 years.

Paul & Shino D'Souza

Paul & Shino D’Souza

Shino D’Souza

Shino D’Souza is a Life Coach and the Program Director of The Wha-Dho Institute helping students primarily in Japan.  She focuses her work on helping our Japanese students leverage the principles of The Way Of Harmony to live happy lives that are filled with love, passion and an increased sense of accomplishment.  She worked at Polo Ralph Lauren for over 10 years as a Public Relations Manager and is very familiar with the stresses and strains of living in one of the largest cities in world while working with one of the largest companies in the world.

Having been a student and a practitioner of Wha-Dho Philosophy for over 12 years as well;  Shino now brings these combined experiences to help our students recreate their lives based on their truth and spiritual awareness.  Like Paul, she believes that inspired people lead better lives and is committed to helping her students do the same.

Learn more about Shino’s work at – http://shinodsouza.com/