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Welcome to Paul D'Souza

Glad you stopped by – I care that you operate at Peak Performance levels both; in your personal life and at work. You owe it to yourself and everyone around you.

Everything I do is designed to help you do just that. I help individuals and business teams live inspiring
lives so they can do more in the market and with life itself.

Paul D'Souza
Spiritual Healer, a Business Consultant and a Life Coach


What Is Your Gift To The World?

What Is Your Gift To The World?


We all have a gift. A special gift that is just yours to give. Something that you are the best…
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You Are Spirit

You Are Spirit


Awaken! Raise up! Come forth! We have been waiting. The Universe is alive and communicating with us but are you…
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What Is Your Measure Of Success?

What Is Your Measure Of Success?


One of the fundamental needs of all human beings; is the need to feel significant.  Feeling significant is only possible,…
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No Separation

No Separation


Have you noticed times have changed!! We have in effect gone back to living in small villages like we did…
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Employee Engagement = Revenue Growth

Employee Engagement = Revenue Growth


This is for all you HR Leaders AND Revenue Leaders; people in charge of growth and profitability.  You know this … Your…
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David — Cincinnati, sells large million dollar business deals.

Paul– what a difference you have made. Ever since I have been on the calls with you, my attitude has got better and focus has increase. I am the only Sales Executive in the company that has been able to accelerate my deals, helping bring in $800,000 in the last 4 months.

Rafael — Santa Cruz, CA, sells prescription eye glasses.

Your “ Stop Selling, Start Supplying Solutions” = $111,300 in business that I alone have brought into the place I work for this Year to Date. Thank You!

Marcia — Cincinnati, OH

We were down 30% in revenue in 2011, from the 2 years prior. But with your help we are now on track to grow 40% thank you!

Jared — San Mateo, CA large format printing company

Paul brought great vision and strategy to our business with results we have never seen before. We saw an immediate growth in sales ($1,200,000 in one year) but more importantly, we improved areas that we were historically bad at. He was able to learn the ropes very quickly and put in place a successful strategy in a very short time.

20-year Sales Veteran

Paul D’ Souza’s book “The Market Has Changed – Have you?” is a must read for anyone wanting to improve sales in this down economy! Many of his ideas ring so true in today’s crazy business environment.

Gerhard Gschwandtner Founder and Publisher Selling Power Magazine

“A tough economy brings out tough behaviors in customers. Salespeople need to adapt their selling styles to the new way of buying. Paul offers concrete steps that can help salespeople adapt their approach to the way customers buy while dealing with the tougher customer whose behavior has been hardened by the recession economy. Critical learning for sales professionals committed to winning.”

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